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Fukuoka, Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok, Rangon, Jakarta, Singapore and more... For exclusive details of the Asia Tech Podcast tour, click the button on the RIGHT.

Preliminary Tour Shows

fukuoka startup

Fukuoka Japan

Fukuoka has set itself out as startup hub for Japan. With startup visas available, cheaper living than Tokyo and local government support, we’re seeing founders opt for Fukuoka over other cities in Japan. Is all the recent media coverage of Fukuoka for real or is it just hype? We’re heading to Kyushu in August to find out.
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vietnam startup

Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

As one of Asia’s fastest growing economies, Vietnam carries the weight of expectations. A hub of manufacturing and dropshipping operations, Ho Chi Minh has a vast supply of young talented developers and designers. But, we all know that skills alone do not make a great startup scene. What’s the startup culture like?
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myanmar startup

Yangon Myanmar

Whatever could be said about fast emerging economies in Asia, has been said about Myanmar. From the “next Thailand” to the “next Tiger”, Myanmar’s ascent to public prominence has been driven by the rapid adoption of mobile technology and internet, a young progressive population and a flood of foreign money. Is Yangon overhyped or is the startup buzz there real? We’re heading to Myanmar in September to find out.
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bangkok startup

Bangkok Thailand

Not only listed as the hottest capital in the world weather-wise, Bangkok could also be the hottest city in the world startup-wise. While we haven’t had any big exits yet, Thailand is a hotbed of startup talent – from local founders opting to do their own thing outside of their family businesses to a growing population of location independent entrepreneurs and digital nomads.
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jakarta indonesia

Jakarta Indonesia

With one of the youngest and largest populations in the world, Jakarta has all the demographic ingredients to make a great startup capital – but does it deliver? Jakarta has always struggled with infrastructure compared to its more developed neighbors but perhaps this is the stuff that yields innovative solutions (like GoJek) that can take on bigger markets abroad. We’re heading to Jakarta in September to find out more about the Indonesian startup scene.
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singapore startup


The jewel in the Asian startup crown, Singapore, bills itself as the complete package. This startup city has everything from fintech accelerators to coworking spaces on every corner. But, is there too much money and not enough hustle in Singapore to generate real cutting edge startups that can thrive outside of its borders in less forgiving markets abroad?
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What are our ATP Tour Goals?

Showcase the best Asia has to offer:
  • Coworking spaces
  • Breakout startups
  • Startup programs
  • Exciting entrepreneurial projects
  • Startup media
Who do we want to speak to and feature on our show?:
  • Coworking space owners
  • Startup founders
  • Angel investors & VCs
  • Startup ecosystem facilitators
  • Startup media owners, podcast hosts

Who are the ATP Show Hosts?

Graham D Brown (Tokyo)

  • Entrepreneur & investor
  • Retired at 40, 5 years traveling world with family
  • Endurance athlete & Ironman triathlon finisher
  • Published author with 15 years experience in mobile telecommunications

Michael I Waitze (Bangkok)

  • Senior investment banker with 25 years experience at Macquarie, Nikko, UBS Securities, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley
  • Startup advisor & angel investor across South East Asia
  • Limited partner at Ardent Capital

What is Asia Tech Podcast?

Asia Tech Podcast is the Voice of the Asian tech ecosystem.

Every week Graham Brown and Michael I. Waitze publish a roundup of the key tech trends in the Asian startup ecosystem.

Recent podcast themes we cover include:

  • Mobile telecoms, apps and smartphones
  • Autonomous vehicles, driverless cars, ride sharing
  • Startups, venture capital, accelerators, seed funding
  • Artificial intelligence, recruitment, Edtech, food delivery
  • Tourism, Health tech, Medical tourism, Chinese tourism, real estate
  • Coworking spaces, digital nomads, location independent entrepreneurs

Fukuoka, Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok, Rangon, Jakarta, Singapore and more... For exclusive details of the Asia Tech Podcast tour, click the button on the RIGHT.