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Steven Liew – Angel Investor, Mentor, Entrepreneur and co-Founder of Cosmic Cafe

Steven Liew is accomplished on many levels and yet humble in his desire to continue learning and improving.  This helps make him perfect a fabulous partner for his co-Founder and wife Devin Tan.  Together, via an entity they have dubbed ‘Cosmic Cafe’, they mentor and invest in startups. They help entrepreneurs turn their ideas and visions into successful companies. Steven and I talked about Angel Investing and how all of his combined experience and business exposure has allowed him to exce...
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17 Entrepreneurs Who Set Up Businesses in New Countries

Moving to a new country is never easy - it’s a feat only a small % of people successfully achieve. Moving to a new country with the goal of setting up a business there is only achieved by an even smaller subset of adventurous types. Each story is a narrative of failure and success, and although each has its own unique outcome, they all blaze a trail for those that follow in their wake.  Featuring: Rita Nguyen,Steven Liew,Bart Bellers, Bay McLaughlin,Kyle Ellicott,Thomas Pouplin,Jerome ...
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