Shaun Rein – Author, ‘The War for China’s Wallet : Profiting from the New World Order’, China Market Research Group

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About Shaun Rein

Author, 'The War for China's Wallet : Profiting from the New World Order', China Market Research Group

We spoke to Shaun Rein about his new book, 'The War for China's Wallet: Profiting from the New World Order'. A fascinating follow up to his other books…We covered many other topics as well, including the duopoly of TenCent and Alibaba, the massive internet market in China and why it is difficult for foreign firms to succeed and how China has become a hotbed of innovation across many verticals and sectors. Shaun has been in China for almost 20 years and has seen so much change and development that informs his ongoing analyses of China, business in China and the growth of some of the world’s largest internet companies. It also gives him a unique perspective on China’s changing place on the global stage and its impact on business and geo-politics.

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