Sahib Anandsongvit – CEO Seekster

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About Sahib Anandsongvit

CEO Seekster

We spoke to Sahib Anandsongvit about the struggles of entrepreneurship, the pressures of failure and the expectations of success. Entrepreneurs that come from entrepreneurial families are a special group and Sahib is squarely in this category.  He is third generation Indian-Thai and his family came to Thailand, built a business and in many ways that experience directly influences the story of Seekster.  Sahib is sharp…and built and conceived Seekster out of his own experiences trying to get the proper level of service for a hotel he was managing. He realized there was a market gap for the type of service he wanted and also noticed that simply creating a marketplace for that service was not good enough.  Listen as he explains how he changed to building a robust platform and how it changed his business into the growth opportunity it is today.

Sahib Anandsongvit Show Notes

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