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The Bangkok Venture Club

Robert Lomnitz has been doing business in Asia for almost 25 years.  His experience as an asset manager, investment portfolio builder and advisor lead to his joining and leading the Bangkok Venture Club.  The Club aims to aggregate the experience of many local business builders and angel investors into a platform that invests in seed stage businesses and provide real value to those businesses by using the accumulated network of the Club’s members. We touched on a range of relevant topics in the investment space, including the impact of corporate venture capitalists like SCB’s Digital Ventures, SCG’s AddVentures and the accelerators of the mobile operators in Thailand.  How will these actors work together with newer investors like K2 and BVC locally and the other regional micro funds.  We also spent a bit of time talking about blockchain and cryptocurrencies.  Finally, we touched on how to monetize these investments via trade sales, listings and other sources of liquidity.

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