Welcome to the Asia Tech Podcast Awards 2017


What are the Asia Tech Podcast Awards?

The Asia Tech Podcast Awards is an open vote by the Asian startup ecosystem for the Asian startup ecosystem. The vote runs from October until Dec 2017. ATP will award the winners at the close of the vote.

What is our goal?

We want to award and celebrate those who made significant contributions to the Asian startup ecosystem in 2017. Founders, VCs, events, coworking spaces, media and cities themselves. Asia is one of the fastest growing and therefore most exciting startup ecosystems in the world. That’s why we need to map it better, celebrate those who help grow it and share those stories to help us all grow.

How to vote in the Asia Tech Podcast Awards

  • Voting is open to everyone
  • You can vote using the Linkedin social login button. We use the Linkedin login because a) it’s easy and b) Linkedin is the best social login relevant to a business poll. Once you login, you can vote, nominate and/or change your previous vote.
  • Voting is confidential. The system will know you voted and match that to your Linkedin account for authentication purposes, but no-one will have access to that information.
  • For each category you can make up to 3 votes
  • You can choose not to vote on any category for whatever reason (no opinion, no experience, vote later etc)
  • You can come back and change your vote at any time
  • Voting concludes on Dec 31st 2017

How to nominate an entry to the Awards

If there is a name you want to add to the Ranking you can click the “Add Entry” link below each poll. As long it’s legit (i.e. no “Donald Trumps” or “Donald Ducks” etc), people will be able to vote on your nomination immediately. You are welcome to nominate yourself or your company (as relevant to the category).

Some Admin Stuff…

  • We reserve the right to delete or amend votes if we think people are gaming the system
  • If a nomination isn’t appropriate (e.g. wrong category, not Asia, blatant advertising, dumbass or offensive) we’ll either delete or move it
  • Please don’t nominate Asia Tech Podcast, Graham Brown or Michael Waitze in any category. Yeah, we should be in there (according to our own modest assessment!) but it will appear sketchy if we end up winning our own poll!
  • Keep it legit (Kim Jong Un or Donald Trump/Duck might get a few chuckles, but we’ll eventually remove it)