Marcus Ellison – Angel Investor, Founder CEO at VentureMark

Marcus Ellison is consumed with learning and innovating. He is not bound by existing rules nor others’ perceptions of what is and is not possible. Marcus believes that life is a system that needs to be figured out an approaches things in terms of experiments. He comes from a family of entrepreneurs and even went so far as to design his own major while he was in college. His first business, started while still in college, was an internet radio station that played Jazz music. He also built a successful real estate investment company literally from scratch that succeeded on his ability to hustle, learn the things he did not know and create trust and credibility along the way. Marcus is very talented and driven. He has now focused his energy on building VentureMark. After moving to Vietnam, he noticed that the Angel investment scene was not only very fragmented, but quite immature. He has set out to change all of that with VentureMark.

Rajesh Sehgal – Angel Investor & Managing Partner, Equanimity Investments

Rajesh Sehgal is a seasoned and well rounded investor, spending over 17 years working at Franklin Templeton India. Working with Dr. Mark Mobius since 1999, who managed the Emerging Markets Group at Franklin Templeton, helped shape his investment philosophy and inculcated a sense of rigorous investment discipline and deep portfolio optimization knowledge. Applying this to his angel investments for the last decade has given him an edge that other Angel investors would love to emulate. Mr. Sehgal’s newest entity, Equanimity Investments, continues to invests in startups and early stage businesses across sectors and geographies.

Rina Neoh – Angel Investor | Venture Capitalist | Entrepreneur | Proud Penang Girl

Rina Neoh has more than 20 years of experience in both the corporate and entrepreneurial world. With a solid foundation in BS Computer Science and a keen business sense acquired through an overseas MBA, Rina has delivered multi-million dollar returns from small business enterprises, which she has incubated, coached, invested in or promoted. Rina’s years of investing experience has taught her many things, not the least of which is that the ability to work with someone is paramount. Relationships matter and investing for her and her team is about building a long term working relationship with Founders.

Steven Liew – Angel Investor, Mentor, Entrepreneur and co-Founder of Cosmic Cafe

Steven Liew is accomplished on many levels and yet humble in his desire to continue learning and improving.  This helps make him perfect a fabulous partner for his co-Founder and wife Devin Tan.  Together, via an entity they have dubbed ‘Cosmic Cafe’, they mentor and invest in startups. They help entrepreneurs turn their ideas and visions into successful companies.

Steven and I talked about Angel Investing and how all of his combined experience and business exposure has allowed him to excel in this space as well.  Steven is thoughtful, considered and yet very comfortable with the early stage risk that he takes.  When you listen to him speak, you can understand how much he has thought about his own ideas, but also how open he is to learning more and getting better.

Listen as Steven and I talk about how he became an Angel, why he loves doing it and how the power of a strong network of Angels benefits his investing and that of others as well.

Ned Phillips – CEO of Bambu, Angel Investor

Ned Phillips, CEO of Bambu joins us again from Singapore to discuss his experiences and views on Angel Investing.  Prior to founding Bambu , Ned started angel investing in startups in Asia.  While having a decent process in place to make investments is important, Ned feels like he can determine whether or not he will angel invest in an early stage company by trusting his gut and knowing within the first five minutes of meeting the founder.  Ned and I talked a lot about investment strategy, sector focus and whether it makes more sense to invest alone or in the syndicate format.  Ned takes the same passion for knowledge and insight he has for company building into the Angel Investing arena.  Having a discussion with him on this topic was quite interesting indeed.