Kyle Ellicott – Exporting a $100m IoT Accelerator to China

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About Kyle Ellicott

Exporting a $100m IoT Accelerator to China

Kyle’s one of those entrepreneurs who has the knack of spotting a trend before it becomes “a thing”. He started his first business aged just 14 selling computers to small companies who wanted to get online. He then helped grow ReadWrite - one of the first online publications covering innovation starting back in 2003. ReadWrite has evolved since those early days also spawning an accelerator which has raised over $130 million for its cohorts.  So when Kyle makes a calculated bet on IoT and expanding their presence in Asia (particularly Hong Kong and Shenzhen China), entrepreneurs take notice. In this interview we talk about Kyle’s journey as an entrepreneur since those teenage years to what excites him now in IoT in Asia.

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5 Hardware Entrepreneurs Shaping Asia’s Future

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4 IoT Pioneers to Watch Out for in Asia

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