Jamie Skella – Co-Founder of Horizon State

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About Jamie Skella

Co-Founder of Horizon State

Jamie Skella has been building businesses on the internet for two decades and he likes to say that he is “biased toward possibility”. I believe that is a good bias to have…Jamie has deep experience in User Experience and User Interface design, but his background is much more nuanced than that. Let’s just say that his interests range from founding Australia’s first e-Sports bar in Melbourne to redesigning Democracy via MiVote and Horizon State … Horizon State is leveraging blockchain technology to redesign the way that opinion is solicited, votes are cast, and decisions are made. Building atop of distributed ledger technology, we’ve created a digital ballot box which cannot be hacked, and is many multiples cheaper to run than traditional voting processes. Our technology underpins the world's first public blockchain based voting system in wide use, developed for use by MiVote members. We talked about Democratization on multiple fronts, including  Finance, Politics, Representation and posed the fundamental question,  “ Does one believe that any one Party or Person has the right view on all policies that are relevant to you? ”   We touched on ICOs and the concepts of  Integrity, Trust and Consensus and how using blockchain technologies help further all of these concepts down to the individual level.

3 Blockchain Pioneers to Watch Out for

The Cryptocurrency Blockchain isn’t just limited to storing financial transaction data. You can also use it to store other forms of valuable information. In these interviews with Crypto pioneers, we learn how the Blockchain can used to store data for customer loyalty, identity and also coding a better democracy. Featuring: Edmund Lowell,Greg Simon,Jamie Skella.
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SOON Preethi Kasireddy – BlockChain Engineer & Tinkerer, Passionate About Blockchain & Cryptoeconomics

PUBLISHING: Monday 4th December
Preethi Kasireddy is an independent blockchain developer. Interestingly, getting to that point was not a straight line trajectory. Growing up in a small town in New Jersey, Preethi talks about a feeling of not belonging, but discovering a love of Math and Physics. After visiting U.S.C., she decided that was the place for her to study Industrial & Systems Engineering. For someone that enjoys optimizing people, processes and systems…this was ideal. A job as a Goldman Sachs TMT (Technology,...
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NEW Ian McKee – Founder & CEO of Vuulr, Former Founder & CEO of Vocanic

Published just 2 days ago
Ian McKee was sitting at his desk…looking at his Nokia mobile phone and his Palm Pilot and thinking. Mobile phone networks were exploding in Singapore, 3G networks were rumored and Ian was sure that devices that merged the functionality that was innocently sitting on his desk would soon be introduced. He was also convinced that ‘word of mouth’ marketing was about to go digital and he quit his job to start an agency, called ‘Vocanic’ that would grow to become the largest, regional, full serv...
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NEW Sankalp Shangari – Founder LALA World – Banking the Underbanked via Blockchain | Speaker, Blockchain Author, Investor

Published just 5 days ago
If BlockChain and BitCoin technologies were created for only one thing (and it decidedly was NOT), it would be to democratize access to the financial system. Depending on which statistics you believe, almost 2 Billion adults remain unbanked with no access to the types of financial products that could help pull them out of a cycle of poverty and into the global financial system. Sankalp Shangari and his team at LaLa World are trying to accomplish that, one migrant worker at a time. The son ...
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NEW Simon Dixon – CEO & Co-Founder of BnkToTheFuture.com, FinTech Angel Investor, Author ‘Bank To The Future’​

Published just 7 days ago
We started our conversation with Simon Dixon back in 2006, when Simon was first introduced to the concepts of Bitcoin. After a few years in the world of investment banking and brokerage, he set out to write a book on the future of money and banking. He was introduced to the concepts of Bitcoin through the writings of Jonathan James Harrison and was immediately convinced that this was the future of money and the store of value. Simon’s knowledge of finance, economics and all things bitcoin ...
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Pavel Matveev – CEO of Wirex

Pavel Matveev has years of securities trading and technology experience honed at the world’s top tier global financial institutions. Trained as a computer scientist and the winner of both Physics and Web Software Development contests, Pavel is a deep technologist at heart. A computer geek in the best possible way, Pavel is always searching for the best technology and development platforms and has found a transformational one in the BlockChain and BitCoin. Wirex was born of the idea to cre...
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Max Ward – CEO of OpenPort, Digital Logistics for Asia, Blockchain Believer

Max Ward rejoins Asia Tech Podcast after his initial appearance on Stories. Towards the end of our first conversation, we introduced the concepts of cryptocurrency tokens, micropayment and all things blockchain. We both realized that this was a much longer discussion and we regrouped for a deeper dive into how these new concepts and technologies were being employed by OpenPort along the entire supply chain for its customers. This was a fascinating talk about real-world implementations for ...
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Greg Simon – Founder & CEO of Loyyal – The Internet of Loyalty

Greg Simon and I have known each other for almost 25 years…so I am biased.  Greg and I worked together at Morgan Stanley and he had an extremely successful career across the spectrum of Global Finance. Deciding to take a break in 2012 and travel the world, Greg was determined to find the commonalities that all humans share.  He visited 40 countries in 12 months and along the way was introduced to, among many other amazing things, BitCoin and the BlockChain. The transformative qualities ...
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Edmund Lowell – Founder & CEO of KYC-Chain, SelfKey Foundation & FlagTheory

Edmund and I had a multifaceted discussion about all three of the entities in which he is involved.  FlagTheory.com, the SelfKey Foundation and KYC-Chain.  Edmund started a company while still a student at Northeastern University in Boston and that grew into FlagTheory.com.  Reading Tim Ferriss’ “The Four Hour Workweek” convinced him that he could run his company and live anywhere, so he chose Asia…When I asked him where he lived, he jokingly responded with ‘Seat 1A’…clearly a man that spends...
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