Bianca Ho – Co-Founder Clare.AI

Bianca Ho is helping redefine the banking and insurance sector by building chatbot platforms. Clare.AI’s artificial intelligence powered chatbot does the heavy lifting for clients when it comes to interacting with large numbers of customers. Chatbots can not only warm up and prequalify prospective leads but also implement best practises that deliver a better customer experience.

Jehan Chu – Managing Partner, Kenetic Capital, The Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong, Founder of Ethereum Hong Kong

Jehan Chu was raised in New Jersey, spent some time outside of the United States before boarding at the Westtown Friends School. Academic excellence is a main tenant of this uniquely Quaker school in Pennsylvania…yet one of the main aspects of the school is its sense of community, intellectual curiosity and critical thinking. This must have mattered to Jehan, as those themes are pervasive throughout his adult life. While at university, he became interested in Web programming and then rode that interest to a job building the online presence and business of Sotheby’s in New York, followed by an opportunity to run their Client Development efforts in Asia. Jehan became more involved in the art world in Asia while at the same time becoming deeply interested in the BlockChain and Bitcoin. At some point the crypto community started taking up so much of this time and interest (He was a Founding member of The Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong and the Founder of Ethereum Hong Kong.) he started focusing full time on building the multi-faceted business that has become Kenetic Capital.

Jason Goldberg – Director, OpenST Foundation. Founder and CEO at Simple Token. Founder and CEO at Pepo

Jason Goldberg builds things…and he generally builds them bigger than you would have expected. Jason worked on Bill Clinton’s campaign and then in the Clinton White House, not because he was well connected to them, but because he reached out himself and asked. An early lesson learned was that you don’t get things you don’t ask for. Seeing opportunities is relatively easy, seizing them is the definition of success…and great entrepreneurs are great at seizing great opportunities. In his current business, SimpleToken, Jason Goldberg believes he is seizing a very large and transformational opportunity. The success of SimpleToken augurs a secular change in the way communities are built, given incentives to produce and compensated. Simple Token aims to be the platform that enables “Cryptocurrency to Power Digital Communities”.

Tony Verb – Co-Founder GreaterBay Ventures

Tony Verb wanted to be the mayor…inspired by Sim City 2000, he was fascinated by urbanization, city building and innovation. He now gets to put all of his interests together as the co-Founder of GreaterBay Ventures & Advisors. Building upon years of experience and research, Tony rightfully believes there is a massive opportunity as the re-branded Pearl River Delta integrates the economies of 9 cities in Guangdong Province, Hong Kong and Macau…Tony believes that cities should not be built with an individualistic view, but should focus on the overall ecosystem. Tony takes a special interest in the blockchain, autonomous electric vehicles and smart urbanization.

Jasper Donat – All That Matters, It’s a Girl Thing and FanFest

Jasper Donat is tireless. He would have to be to have accomplished what he and his team have done since launching Branded back in 2002. In what seems a lifetime ago, the team was slowly, but surely preparing for and building towards media convergence and ‘direct to fan’ interactions. Built on the idea that connections matter, Jasper created the Matters series of events (including the All That Matters festival), It’s a Girl Thing and is co-producer of the FanFest. We talked about how branded content allows creators to talk to and interact directly with fans, how to use the influencer model and how this builds and strengthens the relationships between stars, athletes, etc with their fans. In this realm, as in life, consistency and authenticity are key. Jasper also noted that all of the media they create also has a purpose and positive message.

Max Ward – CEO of OpenPort, Digital Logistics for Asia, Blockchain Believer

Max Ward rejoins Asia Tech Podcast after his initial appearance on Stories. Towards the end of our first conversation, we introduced the concepts of cryptocurrency tokens, micropayment and all things blockchain. We both realized that this was a much longer discussion and we regrouped for a deeper dive into how these new concepts and technologies were being employed by OpenPort along the entire supply chain for its customers. This was a fascinating talk about real-world implementations for technology that most of the world has not even heard of yet. The blockchain is the new internet indeed.

Pom Xu – Managing Director of Thailand and Hong Kong for Crimson Education, Math and Science Enthusiast and Mother of Two

Sujaree (Pom) Xu is from Bangkok, Thailand. She attended Triam Udon Suksa School, which is considered the top public high school in Thailand. Pom excelled academically and made time for extracurricular activities as well. She was an incredibly well rounded young adult and a self proclaimed ‘nerdy student’. She vividly remembers a rainy day conversation she had with her mother when she was a young girl sitting in her mother’s car in traffic…her mother planted a seed and encouraged her to try to get into a top U.S. University…She graduated from Harvard less than a decade later. She has accomplished a lot and continues to do so…we had an in depth conversation about her journey that has currently led her to a leadership role at Crimson Education.

Charles d’Haussy – Head of FinTech at Invest Hong Kong

Charles d’Haussy is Head of FinTech at Invest Hong Kong (InvestHK), the department of the Hong Kong SAR Government responsible for Foreign Direct Investment.

In 2016, InvestHK has set up a FinTech team to attract leading FinTech companies, entrepreneurs, investors, accelerators from Mainland China and overseas to support their businesses set up and expansion in Hong Kong.

The FinTech team is globally distributed between Hong Kong, London and Silicon Valley. They provide practical support and assistance on setting up offices, facilitating visa and banks accounts, regulator introductions, networking opportunities, guidance in government grants and funding.

max ward hong kong

Max Ward – CEO of OpenPort, Logistics for New Markets

Max Ward is the CEO and Co-Founder of OpenPort.  Max is a true logistics expert with deep coding and technology experience and a background building customer value across the full spectrum of supply chain services.  His knowledge of supply chain management is unparalleled and that knowledge becomes more and more important every day.  Max is deeply committed to solving the front to back challenges that the supply chain presents all the way from major shippers to families with two trucks in South Asia that provide critical last mile logistics and deliver services to Asia’s rapidly growing consumer population.  The opportunity on which OpenPort focuses is incredibly large at over $100BN and emerging Asia is the fastest growing region for his services.

Karena Belin – Building Hong Kong’s StartUp Ecosystem

Karena Belin, Co-Founder of WHub, is a pillar of the Hong Kong Startup scene and passionate about technology, entrepreneurship and fostering the ecosystem. Deeply immersed since 2013, she has taken on engagements as speaker, mentor and judge at events and organisations such as the Chicago Booth GNVC, Google EYE, NexChange (FinTech), IFLR Conference, RISE Conference, Tech Open Air Berlin, Techstars StartupWeekendHK & Startup Next Pre-Accelerator, global Merlin YPO program and Poly U Entrepreneurial Mentorship Network.

Karena and her team are focused on making a difference in people’s lives.  WHub was originally started to solve a hiring and talent discovery issue in the Hong Kong Technology Startup ecosystem and quickly grew to be a centerpiece of the entire space.  Influenced by Simon Sinek’s New York Times Best Seller, “Start With Why”, WHub manifests its passion by building the tools necessary to support and promote tech entrepreneurship in Hong Kong.

The passion that Karena Berlin has for the Hong Kong Technology Startup scene is palpable throughout this conversation.