Steven Liew – Angel Investor, Mentor, Entrepreneur and co-Founder of Cosmic Cafe

Steven Liew is accomplished on many levels and yet humble in his desire to continue learning and improving.  This helps make him perfect a fabulous partner for his co-Founder and wife Devin Tan.  Together, via an entity they have dubbed ‘Cosmic Cafe’, they mentor and invest in startups. They help entrepreneurs turn their ideas and visions into successful companies.

Steven and I talked about Angel Investing and how all of his combined experience and business exposure has allowed him to excel in this space as well.  Steven is thoughtful, considered and yet very comfortable with the early stage risk that he takes.  When you listen to him speak, you can understand how much he has thought about his own ideas, but also how open he is to learning more and getting better.

Listen as Steven and I talk about how he became an Angel, why he loves doing it and how the power of a strong network of Angels benefits his investing and that of others as well.

thomas pouplin

Thomas Pouplin – Startup Life in Fukuoka

Thomas Pouplin is Co-Founder of Ikkai with partner Yasmine Djoudi.

Ikkai aims to make people less busy and students richer by connecting students with the short term staffing needs of Japanese companies. This is an area overlooked by traditional Japanese recruitment agencies due to a combination of tradition and fear of trying something new.

Thomas and Yasmine are based out of Fukuoka, Japan’s designated “Startup City”. In this interview Thomas shares insights into how they arrived in Fukuoka, how they set up business there including applying for government grants and startup visas, and also reflections on their business growth.