ATP390 – The Asia Tech Podcast Power Rankings

ATP390 - The Asia Tech Podcast Power Rankings

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The Asia Tech Podcast Power Rankings

In today’s episode of Asia Tech Podcast we introduce the ATP Power Rankings for 2017. Here’s why we’re creating the Power Rankings now:

  • The Asian startup ecosystem has grown so fast in the last 5 years, we need to build a map of who’s who
  • We want to showcase the best in the ecosystem so people can learn through example
  • Here’s a chance to help our network get some publicity
  • It’s a bit of fun, so why not?

The challenge facing a rapidly expanding startup tech ecosystem like the one here in Asia is that it’s difficult to get a mental map of who’s doing what and how everything relates to each other. That’s why we want to identify the key influencers – both individuals and organizations – that are making a significant difference.

The ATP Power Rankings 2017 covers the following categories:

  1. Individual founder/investor/stakeholder
  2. VC fund
  3. Startup City
  4. Startup Event
  5. Coworking Space
  6. Media

Our goal with the ATP Power Rankings is to recognize and celebrate those people who have helped grow this ecosystem in 2017. Sometimes they aren’t the most well-known names, the natural self-promoters, that’s why awards are a great way to give people the credit they deserve in a world where everything changes at breakneck speed.

The ATP Power Rankings is an open vote available to everyone with a Linkedin account – accessible through the link below. You can vote and nominate new names all the way up to Dec 31st 2017, after which we’ll award the best in each category.

Vote & nominate here

Who are the Asia Tech Podcast Hosts?

graham d brown asia tech podcast

Graham D Brown (Tokyo)

The Entrepreneur

Graham D Brown is an entrepreneur, published author with 15 years experience in mobile telecommunications and investor based in Tokyo. After exiting his telecoms business, he retired at 40, and has spent the last 5 years traveling world with family. As a former financial advisor and startup CEO, Graham now advises founders on their growth strategy. Graham is also an endurance athlete & Ironman triathlon finisher.
  • Entrepreneur & investor
  • Retired at 40, 5 years traveling world with family
  • Endurance athlete & Ironman triathlon finisher
  • Published author with 15 years experience in mobile telecommunications
michael waitze asia tech podcast

Michael I Waitze (Bangkok)

The Venture Capitalist

Michael I Waitze is one of South East Asia's best known private equity investors and advisors. Michael is a limited partner at Ardent Capital, based in Bangkok. He is a former senior trader with 25 years experience at Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, Macquarie, Citigroup and UBS Securities. Michael is now an active startup mentor, angel investor and advisor to VC funds across South East Asia.
  • Senior trader with 25 years experience at Macquarie, Citigroup, UBS Securities, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley
  • Startup advisor & angel investor across South East Asia
  • Limited partner at Ardent Capital

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