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ATP400 – Angel Investing, Cryptocurrency and data from our 2017 ATP Power Rankings

There are only 10 weeks left in the year, so let’s take a quick look at where we are with our Asia Tech Podcast project. We’ve recorded 167 podcast episodes, of which we’ve produced 113. While we averaged 4 episodes a week, the bulk of the content came in the last 3 months when we started ATP Stories and announced the Tour. This week we’re looking at the latest data from our 2017 ATP Po...
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ATP390 – The Asia Tech Podcast Power Rankings

In today’s episode of Asia Tech Podcast we introduce the ATP Power Rankings for 2017. Here's why we're creating the Power Rankings now:
  • The Asian startup ecosystem has grown so fast in the last 5 years, we need to build a map of who's who
  • We want to showcase the best in the ecosystem so people can learn through example
  • Here's a chance to help our network get some publicity
  • It's a bit of fun, so why not?
The challenge facing a rapidly expan...
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ATP380 – What’s Going on in the Angel Investor community in Asia?

Angel Investors provide a critical role in the development of any tech ecosystem. Asia’s challenge is that it doesn’t have the backdrop of risk and depth of exits to create a generation of angel investors as we have seen in the US, Israel or in some parts of Europe. But that doesn’t mean Asia doesn’t have a worthy Angel network, it’s just that it’s going through its own growing pains. There are plenty of investors out there claiming to be “Angels” but who offer little value add to startups...
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ATP370 – Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone

life begins at the end of your comfort zone
In today’s ATP we want to share 4 inspiring stories of entrepreneurs we published this week. Each story features a different path to success, but the theme that unites them all is the same: life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Each of these 4 entrepreneurs featured on ATP Stories consciously chose to leave behind a comfortable, well-known life to embark on an adventure into the world of the unknown. Their ability to get comfortable with the uncomfortable is a critical element to su...
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ATP360 – The Asian Tech Ecosystem Scorecard

In this week’s episode of Asia Tech Podcast, we talk about our plans to build a Scorecard for the Asian Tech Startup Ecosystem. Our goal is to map and measure each startup city in Asia. We want to learn what makes the startup-ready (or not as the case may be) and objectively rank these cities according to criteria relevant to startup success.
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ATP350 – Huawei Connect in Shanghai China

huawei connect shanghai china
We bring Asia Tech Podcast to Shanghai China as guests of our friends at Huawei. Huawei are one of the largest IT services and infrastructure companies in the world and they run the backbone of the internet in most countries. Being such a large IT company, especially being from Asia presents its own unique challenges - for example, who exactly are Huawei and what is their story? In this episode, we discuss what the challenges facing a large Asian brand going global are and how elements of the...
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ATP340 – Fukuoka Startup City: Hype or Reality?

fukuoka startup city japan
We just got back from 4 days in Fukuoka in Kyushu Japan. Our goal was to go check out Fukuoka’s credentials as a great place for a startup. A few years back, the Japanese government designated Fukuoka as the national “Startup City” and since then a lot has changed. We’ve seen the introduction of new coworking spaces, government programs to help get startups funded and a new startup visa. We’ll talk about all of these in today’s Asia Tech Podcast, as well as insights into life in Fukuoka, the ...
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ATP330 – How to build a podcast in Asia

how to build a podcast in asia
This week we’re looking at our strategy to build Asia Tech Podcast in Asia from scratch. Our goal is to interview 100 of the most exciting names in the Asian Tech Ecosystem by the end of 2017. That’s a pretty big ask! As with any creative effort, you need a good system behind you to do the heavy lifting and a story to tell. We also talk about the importance of building an offline element in your marketing strategy to make the online more meaningful. That leads in to the latest updates about o...
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ATP320 – The Latest Trends in Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and ICOs

Trends in Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and ICOs
In this week’s Asia Tech Podcast we walk through the latest trends in the Initial Coin Offering space. Asian companies like OMISE who initially raised $25 m have seen the market valuation of their issued coin rise to over $600 million in a matter of weeks. What is behind this incredible rise in valuations? Do ICOs now represent a valid option for Asian startups seeking funding without having to either issue equity or entertain venture capitalists?
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ATP310 – Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality in Asia

augmented reality virtual reality asia
In today’s episode of Asia Tech Podcast we talk about the latest trends in the bleeding edge of AR and VR technology. With Google, Apple and Facebook all throwing their Virtual and Augmented Reality hats into the ring, what are the prospects for this growing sector in Asia? We discuss the impat of AR and VR impact on education, gaming, medical tourism and travel in Asia.
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ATP30 – The best startup conferences in Asia (and how to get the most out of them)

Which are the best conferences to attend in Asia if you're a startup investor or founder? With so much choice in the startup event space, it can be difficult to work out which conference or event you should invest your time in. In this episode of Asia Tech Podcast, we discuss what's going on in the Asia startup conference space. We also share advice on how to get the most out of your time at a conference, what (and who) to avoid, and how to network like a pro.
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ATP29 – The 6 Most Exciting Startup Ecosystems in Asia

the 6 most exciting startup cities Asia
We’re packing our bags and hitting the road to find out what’s hype and what’s real in Asia’s burgeoning startup city. Starting end of August we’ll be visiting 6 startup cities that aren’t Silicon Valley but are full of entrepreneurial hustle, bright ideas and a sense of change.
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ATP28 – What Makes a Great StartUp City in Asia?

best startup city asia
In today’s episode of Asia Tech Podcast we share an in-depth look into some of the hottest cities in Asia to startup your business.

How do they compare both within Asia and to outside alternatives (e.g. Silicon Valley?) We walk through each city and discuss the startup culture, access to capital, technological infrastructure, cost of living and coworking spaces.

Featured cities this week: Bangkok, Sydney, Fukuoka, Singapore and Hong Kong
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ATP27 – BlockChain, CryptoCurrencies, Ethereum and Initial Coin Offerings ICOs

So much to talk about in the cryptocurrency space!

Everyone seems to be aware that BTC prices have soared in recent months, but is this indicative of a maturing market or just hype?

In today’s Asia Tech Podcast we look at what’s happening beyond the currency tokens, and how developers are building out the blockchain as well as using Initial Coin Offerings to fund new ventures.
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ATP26 – Dave McClure: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

dave mcclure 500 startups
Dave McClure, Founder of 500 Startups, announces he’s stepping down this week on the back of a series of sexual harassment allegations. Not a big surprise! Rather than dissect the news, we’re going to look at this in the light of the recent episodes we broadcast on female entrepreneurs. How does the startup world’s macho culture inhibit female founders? What good will come of this news long term?
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ATP25 – What does the $13.7bn Amazon Wholefoods deal mean for Asia?

amazon wholefoods asia
The recent mega deal announcing Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods Market in the US has profound implications for E-Commerce both in the US and Asia. In this episode, we discuss the deal, what it means for e-commerce globally and also who in Asia - Alibaba, Flipkart, Rakuten, ZoZoTown, Snapdeal, Lazada etc.. can stand up to Amazon?
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ATP24 – Connecting the Dots as an Investor in Asia

asia tech podcast investor
This week we're talking about The life of a startup investor and advisor in Asia. The life of a startup investor and advisor in Asia, As investors we get to see a diversity of ideas and people every day.  We learn new things constantly related to so many topics…We want to cover some of the things that we come across every day. In this episode we’ll talk about: TripAlly, SocialGiver, YDIN, Uteeni and Real Estate throughout the Continental US. Here are some the startups Michael is w...
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ATP23 – Female Entrepreneurs in Asia Part 2

Featuring Vicki Chen, Nikki Assavathorn and Roshni Mathani. Following on from last week's episode on Female Entrepreneurs in Asia, we're back to showcase more inspiring case studies. Last week we started talking about some of the prominent female entrepreneurs / founders /ecosystem participants and builders in Southeast Asia. In the middle of recording last week’s episode it occurred to us that there simply was not enough time in one episode to discuss all of the important women in this cat...
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ATP22 – Featuring Female Entrepreneurs from the Bangkok Breakfast Network

Female entrepreneurs in Asia. Michael went to Bangkok Breakfast Network ( this morning in Sathorn hosted by Nicola Jones-Crossley. A great group of women representing Media, NGOs, Marketing & Design and StartUp Founders. The breakfast this morning shows just how many great female founders there are and have been in Southeast Asia. We may need to do another episode (or more!) on this topic…
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ATP21 – It’s Not Over Yet! Food Delivery Makes a Comeback in Asia

Food delivery startups in Asia. The food delivery space is huge, but needs a better, more efficient business model. If we believe to a certain extent from our vantage point in Asia that we can ‘see the future’ and build great businesses based on successes we have seen or see developing in the West, then can we also not determine what will fail as well, particularly  if it has been copied. I am sure that this topic will continue to arise as the market shuts down more of these companies, new en...
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ATP20 – The Latest Investment Data on the Asian Startup Ecosystem

investment data asia 2017
The Latest Investment Data on the Asian Startup Ecosystem. Today we're looking at changes in the startup scene in Asia, specifically the latest investment data in Asia based on CB Insights research. What's happening to the Asian startup dealflow? Who's investing? What kind of startups are getting funded? How does the startup scene vary from country to country? Which Asian markets are hot right now?
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ATP19 – Mobile Roaming in Asia

mobile roaming asia
Mobile Roaming in Asia. With the boom in tourism to the Asian region, how are consumers and mobile network operators adapting to mobile roaming? While most networks seem geared towards voice and text based roaming, it's mobile data that consumers increasingly want. Current offerings tend to be leave most network users hunting for free WiFi at airports or Starbucks. But, what if you could address this consumer pain point in the Asian mobile telecoms market? And, what kind of opportunities exis...
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ATP18 – Autonomous Vehicles in Asia (Part 2)

autonomous vehicles
Following on from last week's episode on Autonomous Vehicles in Asia, we continue with part 2. This week we look at the key players in the Autonomous Vehicle Market, legislation challenges and which countries we believe at ATP will lead the market by 2020. Featured this week: Samsung, Amazon, Google, Baidu, Facebook, Uber, Grab Taxi, Gojek, BMW, Peugeot, VW, Tesla, Ford, SEMA, Waymo, Nutonomy, AI, motor insurance, parking lots, emergency services, meeting space, travel, Singapore, Malaysia, I...
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ATP17 – Autonomous Vehicles in Asia (Part 1)

autonomous vehicles asia
Autonomous Vehicles in Asia. Ford says it will have a completely autonomous vehicle in mass production by 2021. Toyota, BMW, Apple, Uber, Amazon, Samsung, Tesla and Baidu are all vying for a piece of autonomous vehicle market, valued at $65 billion by 2027. But while many of the market leaders are based out of the US or Europe, Asia is set to become a market leader in Autonomous Vehicle rollout. In the first part of this Asia Tech Podcast series on Autonomous Vehicles, Michael and Graham disc...
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ATP16 – Why & When Startup Founders Should Ask for Help Raising Money

asia tech podcast Why & When Startup Founders Should Ask for Help Raising Money
Why & When Startup Founders Should Ask for Help Raising Money. We’re talking about funding challenges for startup founders and the emergence of new VC models in Asia based on old VC models. First, and following on from last week’s episode, a new development in the $1 trillion business travel market. Featured this week: Pillow & Space, Metro Residences Singapore, Zen Rooms, Cocoon Capital, Airbnb, Ebay, Benchmark Capital, Agoda, Manila, Bangkok, Monthida McCoole, Michael B...
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