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ATP324 – Don Phan – Asia Tech Podcast Stories

In today’s episode of ATP Stories we’re joined by the co-founders of Embe - a baby products e-commerce service based in Saigon, Vietnam. They are Don Phan and Adrian Latortue. While both Don and Adrian were born and educated outside the region (Yale / US and France respectively), they are not new to e-commerce in Asia. Don was former director of Food Panda and MD of Zamora Vietnam.  Embed is backed by Expara Ventures, Swiss Founders Fund, and 500 Startups. In this interview Don and Adrian share their experiences of establishing their lives in Vietnam and the challenges of growing a business in a new country.
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ATP323 – Charles Reed Anderson – Asia Tech Podcast Stories

Charles Reed Anderson is Asia’s leading authority on Internet of Things. Charles has over 15 years experience advising corporates on IoT and mobility through his roles as VP at IDC and Head of Innovation APAC at BT Global. In this interview Charles shares insights into where the IoT market is heading and what kind of applications will change the lives of everyday consumers. He also talks about the journey that brought him to Asia and his experience of the last year in setting up his own consultancy. Having worked a number of years in large corporates, how does Charles find the challenge of being his own boss? How does he build his authority so effectively in his space?
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ATP322 – Eva Yoo – Asia Tech Podcast Stories

Eva Chaewon Yoo is a multi-lingual tech reporter and podcast co-host based in Shanghai China. Eva’s journey to Shanghai is an interesting one - featuring periods working in tech media in the US and in Israel. There is a growing community of Koreans in the tech ecosystem who are choosing to set up base in cities like Shanghai over their homeland. What are the drivers for this shift to China and what kind of entrepreneurs are attracted to the scene? With her unique perspective on both technology and living across many cultures, Eva shares her insights into what’s going on in Shanghai today.
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ATP321 – Michael Smith – Asia Tech Podcast Stories

Michael Smith Junior joins Asia Tech Podcast from Singapore. Michael is a partner in SeedPlus a relatively new venture fund supported by Google and PWC Singapore. SeedPlus recently closed a round of $18 million to launch their fund. Formerly Director for Global Initiatives at Yahoo, Michael describes himself as an “apprentice VC”. In this interview, Michael shares his experience of learning the ropes as a Venture Capitalist, how the Jungle Ventures initiative SeedPlus came to be and what the investment focus of his business is in South East Asia.
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ATP313 – Michelle Katics (Asia Tech Podcast Stories)

Michelle Katics joins us today from Singapore. She’s the CEO of Portfolio Quest and Chairman of Bankers Lab - two organizations focused on shaping fintech, training and talent. Her illustrious career spans roles at the Federal Reserve, The IMF and Standard Chartered. Nominated to the Women in FinTech Power List, a FemTech Leader, Michelle’s story is both curious and inspiring. Meet the banker turned entrepreneur whose lived everywhere from Cleveland to Chicago to Chiang Mai.
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ATP312 – Josh Steimle (Asia Tech Podcast Stories)

Josh Steimle is an author, entrepreneur and world traveler based in Shenzhen City, Guangdong, China. He’s author of Chief Marketing Officers at Work. Named by Entrepreneur magazine as one of 50 Inspirational Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2017, one of 25 Marketing Influencers To Watch In 2017 by Forbes and a TedX speaker. Josh is CEO of MWI, a global digital agency focused on influencer marketing, and organizer of the Chief Marketing Summit in China.
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ATP311 – Simon Kemp (Asia Tech Podcast Stories)

On ATP Stories today, Simon Kemp. Recognised as one of Asia’s most influential digital marketers by CMO Asia magazine, featured in Campaign Asia’s 40 under 40 honours list. He’s developed brand strategies for Unilever, Google, Coke, Nestle, Diageo. Author, music producer, go-to-go for anyone who wants to know what’s hot in Asia and digital today.  Founder of Kepios, Global Consultant for We are Social Asia. He is the go-to guy for what’ s hot and what’s happening in digital marketing when it comes to Asia. 
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