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Jonie Oostveen – Redefining Art Gallery Sales

Jonie Oostveen is the founder of Arto, an online gallery that brings the kind of discovery experience you can find at a music app like Spotify to the world of art. Originally from the Netherlands but now based in Singapore, Jonie’s journey into entrepreneurship started with working at large mobile telcos like KPN before later being involved in more dynamic tech organizations (Spotify, Philips Ventures, Ebuddy and Miyowa). Even though these organizations had startup-like cultures, they coul...
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  • Yu Tazawa - Building Unique Art Hotel Experiences
  • Sahib Anandsongvit - CEO Seekster
  • Martin Daffner - Founder at Emerge Innovation
  • Surasit Sachdev – CEO of Hungry Hub

    Hungry Hub started as a platform for the management of restaurant reservations similar to Open Table.  Restaurants happily signed up for this free product / service en masse.  The only problem was that the team figured out that neither restaurants nor their patrons had problems managing or booking reservations and hence it was not possible to properly build a business around this concept.  Surasit was neither used to failing nor happy about it. Real entrepreneurs are persistent and do not ...
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    Tanin Sammanee – CEO of Setscope and Soilfish Thailand

    I was finally able to catch up with Tanin Sammanee after not seeing him for almost two years.  I remember when he first came into my office and was explaining to me that he was building Seascope as an outgrowth of some successful tools he had built for himself and his friends that were very interested in trading stocks on the Stock Exchange of Thailand.  I remember thinking at the time that the model he was building was not going to work…I may have been right at the time, but I am wrong today...
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    Jerome Le Carrou – Next Step Connections Thailand

    jerome le carrou
    Jerome left his home in the Brittany region of France when he was 21 years old to do a study abroad program in Utah in the United States.  It was his first exposure outside of his small hometown and his home country.  He lived in a four story dormitory for a year with students from 50 countries and this opened his eyes to the power and excitement of varying countries and cultures in the world. Between finishing his undergraduate degree and applying for graduate programs in journalism, he m...
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    Giovanni Zangani – Private Equity in Vietnam

    giovanni zangani
    Private Equity is an area we have not covered before, but we had an interesting discussion with Giovanni Zangani on that topic. His journey from Milan to Ho Chi Minh City went through Europe, the United States and Hong Kong before arriving in Vietnam.  Giovanni made a strategic decision to study for his MBA at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) and that began his experiences in Asia.  While looking for his initial job after graduating, he found a great opportunity i...
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    Florian Bohnert – Expanding China Mobike’s Crowdsharing Service

    florian bohnert
    Florian Bonhert was born in France and moved to the United States when he was three years old…which on its face does not seem like a big deal. However, if you listen to his story, that move, at such a young age set the tone for the rest of his life.  He moved back to France at the age of six and then to Massachusetts at the age of ten.  He could not have known then how important this ‘international experience’ would be to the rest of his life. Florian’s global outlook, environmental awa...
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    Mike Michelini – Global From Asia

    Mike Michelini’s journey started with a hard sell, free seminar on 34th street in Manhattan back in the early 2000’s.  As a Stevens Institute of Technology graduate, Mike was accustomed to technology and was interested in online selling…but the inauspicious beginning did not foretell the success to come.  Realizing that local knowledge and local connections would help someone that was sourcing product from Asia and selling in the United States, Mike had a choice to make.  Do I stay on the con...
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    Damien Kerneis – Founder SiamCarDeal

    Damien Co-Founder of , a platform helping car buyers finding the best deals on New Cars in Thailand. Originally from France, Damien has been living in Thailand for 12 years, and after 10 Years in the corporate world, launched his own startup in 2015.
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    Anthony Quinn – CEO & Co-Founder of DeeDee Cashback

    DeeDee Cashback is an online platform that enables Thai shoppers to save money on their shopping every time they shop online. DeeDee Cashback has nearly 250 stores to choose from ranging from travel, finance, fashion, health & beauty, electronics and many more.
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    Carson McKelvey – Unpacking the Asian Shopper’s Mindset

    carson mckelvey
    Today we’re going to look at the fast growing retail sector in Asia. Let’s put this into context:  China alone is worth $4.8 trillion ($840 is ecommerce) - that’s  bigger than the US. What are the latest trends we need to be looking out for? To do that I’m joined by Carson McKelvey, Managing Partner Tofugear based in Hong Kong. We’re going to look at the growing need to create a unified experience for Asian shoppers, and the challenges in making that happen.
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    Guy Hearn – The Future of Advertising in Asia

    guy hearn omnicom
    Guy Hearn and I had an interesting conversation about the modernization of the advertising business.  How has technology both helped and hurt the ad business?  What is the efficacy and measurability of online campaigns?  How do clients and brands perceive the onset and ubiquity of math and computer science specialists as opposed to general researchers?  We also talked about how technology allows the barriers to entry to drop for entry into both the content creation and advertising businesses.
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    Robert Zepeda – CEO Playbasis

    robert zepeda playbasis
    Robert Zepeda is an American entrepreneur living and working in Thailand since 2010. In December of 2012 he founded Playbasis, an award-winning tech startup providing a mobile engagement & loyalty management platform for financial institutions. As CEO of Playbasis, he has raised $2.6M USD in financing from leading regional and global investors, and has worked with global companies such as Unilever, Visa, HSBC, Telenor, DBS Bank to engage and reward more than 7 million users to-date. Robert...
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    Robert Lomnitz – The Bangkok Venture Club

    robert lomnitz
    Robert Lomnitz has been doing business in Asia for almost 25 years.  His experience as an asset manager, investment portfolio builder and advisor lead to his joining and leading the Bangkok Venture Club.  The Club aims to aggregate the experience of many local business builders and angel investors into a platform that invests in seed stage businesses and provide real value to those businesses by using the accumulated network of the Club’s members. We touched on a range of relevant topics i...
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    Michael Ang – Ecommerce in Asia

    Michael Ang Singapore
    Michael’s career started as a financial trader and moved into data services with Thomson Reuters…only to move back into the financial world with firms like DBS in Singapore.  With the ones of logistics and e-commerce in the region, Michael took all of his finance and data analysis experience and helped build out logistics and supply chain management for Anchanto, one of the service providers in Southeast Asia that competes in the e-commerce facilitation space. Michael had some interesting vie...
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    Matt Foley – Entrepreneurialism in Asia Today

    matt foley pikohana
    Really looking forward to introducing you to my next guest, Matt Foley, founder and MD of Pikohana. Matt’s had a long career in the Asian tech industry from helping build out the Taiwanese internet in 1996 to being involved in IPOs, to living and working in China, South Korea, Hong Kong and now Singapore. Matt’s Foley family motto which he recently discoveed in Ireland is “that I may be of use”, a maxim that only makes sense when you couple that service with risk. Matt’s story is one of co...
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    Gregory Prudhommeaux – Understanding the Chinese Consumer Inside Out

    gregory prudhommeaux china
    Today our mission is to understand the Chinese market and the Chinese customer a little better. What better way of doing that than going to Shanghai and talking to a man from France? Not being trite, my point is that often the best way to understand a market is to come from the outside. So, joining us today for ATP Stories is an entrepreneur who has spent the last 20 years of his career coming from the outside, Gregory Prudhommeaux. We’re going to talk about entering the Chinese market, th...
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    Eli Lyons – Disrupting Genome Science

    eli lyons tupac bio
    In today’s conversation we are going to learn about bioinformatics -  an evolving biotech discipline that uses software to help us better understand biological data. Bionformatics is key to innovation in the current drug discovery process and disease prevention.  To that end we are joined by a PhD in Genome Science, based in Tokyo - Eli Lyons, CEO of Tupac Bio. Although Biotech is a highly skilled and technologically driven industry, it can often be slowed by traditional or internally focu...
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    Angela Mackay – Managing Director of The Financial Times APAC

    angela mackay financial times
    I spoke to Angela Mackay today about developments in digital media including podcasting and the growth of video as a platform.  We discussed experimentation in content creation, the current state of advertising, the power of global distribution and partnerships and subscription models versus ad based business. Angela is the Managing Director and Publisher of Asia Pacific for the Financial Times and also sits on its Global Board.  Hence her views on things financial, business development, a...
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    Sunhera Cariappa – The Ultimate Toolkit

    sunhera cariappa
    Sunhera is a strategic designer with specialization in designing for social impact. She has managed and lead a variety of projects ranging from organizing global service design workshops to researching healthcare opportunities for chronic disease patients with Philips Design in China. The Ultimate Toolkit integrates her passion for social impact and human-centred design.
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    Mikaal Abdulla – CEO of Asia’s First Robo-Advisor 8 Securities

    mikaal abdulla
    Mikaal is Co-founder and CEO of 8 Securities, Asia's first robo-advisor and $0 commission stock trading service. 8 Securtities have licensed offices in Hong Kong and Japan. Prior to starting 8 Mikaal was at E*TRADE where he managed the Asia region. Incidentally that’s the sync into our previous guest Ned Phillips who was also at E*TRADE and got Mikaal on the show. Mikaal has lived and worked in Silicon Valley, NY, London, Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo.
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    Tiang Lim Foo – Partner SeedPlus

    tiang lim foo
    We spoke to Tiang Lim Foo about a wide range of topics ranging from the building of an investment thesis, Apple AirPods (We did our entire interview while he was using his AirPods.), how Evernote is the Inbox for Life and how building genuine relationships is not only a successful way to run an investment business, but also the best way to have a fulfilling life. As the Operating Partner at SeedPlus, Tiang gets to put to work all of the experience he gained launching Evernote’s business in...
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    Praveen Velu – CEO of AI Powered Assistant EVIE

    praveen velu ai evie
    If you ever ask my next guest Are you free to catch up Next Wednesday?  You may find his Personal Assistant EVIE step in and arrange that schedule with you. What you may not know is that EVIE isn’t a real person but an AI Personal Assistant, and it’s pretty impressive too… I’m an AI graduate so I’m pretty aware of most AI-looking things from chatbots to the Turing Test… but the first time I interacted with Evie, I thought she was a real person, it was that good… So, to lift the lid o...
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    Paul Bradley – CEO of Caprica International

    paul bradley caprica international
    Joining us on ATP stories today, we have the Chairman and CEO of Caprica International, Paul Bradley.  His career spans leadership positions in American, Japanese, Chinese and Indian companies. Paul has started 7 ventures, managed multi-cultural businesses spanning 14 countries and has participated in 2 successful IPO’s. He received his MBA in International Management from the Thunderbird, School of Global Management, worked in politics, lead multiple companies in Logistics and Supply Cha...
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    Marty Roberts – Redefining Pharma Sales in Japan

    marty roberts entouch japan
    We are joined today in the ATP Stories studio by Marty Roberts - CEO of Entouch in Japan, a startup in the medtech / healthtech space. Entouch connects doctors and medical reps through some innovative routing technology. Like myself, Marty is a psychologist like myself (although he is  far better qualified). While his business is redefining the pharmaceutical sector, it’s might not be obviously apparent how psychology comes into play. But this isn’t just about building a cool CRM system fo...
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    Jun Yamadera – Augmented Reality Pioneer

    jun yamadera
    Jun Yamadera founded Eyes Japan in 1995, the first IT startup from the University of Aizu, Fukushima. In the past 20 years, he has been working on various cutting edge projects such as exporting Fukushima rice via web in 1995, making worlds first virtual pottery system, making CG of historical archives of national treasure of Japanese castles, temples, traditional dances and medical motions using motion capture. He is a pioneer in Augmented Reality wearable technologies, Medical x IT and h...
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    Jakob Lykkegaard – Augmented Reality Entrepreneur

    jakob lykkegaard
    Jakob is a Danish entrepreneur and the founder of Lykke Studios, a privately held studio creating Augmented Reality experiences.  Prior to this he has, from Bangkok, built and sold 2 companies, Playlab and Pagemodo, the first of which employed 100 people and served 28 million players. Jakob came to Bangkok in 2009, a journey in itself which is quite inspiring. He dropped out of college in year 1 to go and seek his future in Asia, contrary to the advice of those around him. Was it a good de...
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    Harprem Doowa – FinTech Entrepreneur

    harprem doowa
    Harprem (Prem) Doowa comes from a multigenerational, entrepreneurial family.  Two generations ago, his family immigrated to Thailand from India and began a trading business.  As the business started to grow and prosper, more family members joined in Thailand to help build that original business and branch out into other businesses.  Prem learned at an early age that reinvesting into a growing business is one of the best ways to fuel its growth, as opposed to using the profits to enhance perso...
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    Grant Bertoli – CEO Marketbuzzz

    grant bertoli
    Grant Bertoli is the CEO of Marketbuzzz, a subsidiary of Buzzebees which is a leader in the mobile loyalty and privilege business in Thailand.  Grant originally spent over two decades in the market research and marketing industry including stints a the Managing Director for TNS and the CEO, Southeast Asia for Ipsos.  During this time, Grant was able to experience working globally in markets like the United States, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines, well preparing him for his c...
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    Bay McLaughlin – CEO of Hardware Accelerator BRINC

    bay mclaughlin podcast
    Joining us today from Hong Kong is Bay Maclaughin, hardware entrepreneur, angel investor and the man behind the AskBetaBay YouTube series. A big part of the Asian tech ecosystem is Hardware. Bay’s an entrepreneur with a passion for both hardware and growing hardware businesses in Asia. He was a founding team member of Apple’s global SMB channel and founder of their first entrepreneurship channel. He’s the cofounder of BRINC which describes itself as part incubator, part accelerator, part i...
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    Anna Gong – Singapore Entrepreneur of the Year 2017

    anna gong singapore perx
    After graduating from the University of California, Los Angeles, Anna Gong spent the following 20 years forging a globe spanning career in the enterprise software space, experiencing both startup life (5 of them) and corporate life (3 multi-national corporations) and in the process creating the perfect training ground for her current role as the CEO of Perx Technologies. Perx was a pioneer in the customer loyalty and rewards space in Singapore with a well defined Business to Consumer model...
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    Phil Townend – Ad Tech Entrepreneur

    phil townend unruly
    Phil Townend is an  Ad-tech entrepreneur, angel investor and  Chief Commercial Officer Unruly APAC, which describes itself as  one of the world ’ s leading social video platforms.  Notable successes in his career include  helping raise $25m for Unruly as well as getting into the digital marketing and video space about as early as feasibly possible (nearly 20 years now). In this interview, Phil joins us from Singapore, to share his experience as an entrepreneur making the move to Asia, and …  ...
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    Bart Bellers – Startup Studio Xpedite Ventures

    bart bellers bangkok
    Bart is currently setting up a new venture: a startup studio called Xpdite Ventures, that expedites travel tech startups in Asia Pacific to scale to Series A. The startup studio is a hybrid model to achieve product-market fit by investing in startups and providing an operating platform to build great companies. As founder and CEO of Atum Consulting, a management consulting company specializing in innovation, business development and collaboration between startups and corporations, he held ...
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    Jayne Chan – Head of StartupmeupHK

    jayne chan investhk
    Jayne Chan is the Head of StartmeupHK at Invest Hong Kong.  StartmeupHK is InvestHK’s initiative aimed at helping founders of innovative and scalable startups from overseas to set up or expand in Hong Kong. They provide information about the startup ecosystem in HK, connecting people to the startup community, host startup events and help foster a positive environment for startups to thrive.
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    Caroline Essame – Social Entrepreneur

    caroline essame singapore
    Joining us at ATP today is Caroline Essame. Caroline is a social entrepreneur with a clinical and educational background harnessing technology to get global expertise in the special needs and early childhood field out to the bottom of the pyramid. She came to us through Kineret Karin, one half of the team that set up Impactech, the social innovation acclerator based in Singapore. Caroline talks about using technology to empower parents and educators in markets where information and skilled...
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    Geoffrey Handley – General Partner of Haitao Capital China

    geoffrey handley china
    Geoffrey is a global entrepreneur, investor and advisor with over 20 years experience in the global digital business. Raised in Hong Kong and based in Shanghai, he is the Founding General Partner of Haitao Capital, the first China-macro venture fund focusing on highlighting the Chinese startup ecosystem globally. He is a 5-time founder, most notably of Snakk Media (NZX:SNK), The Hyperfactory (aced NYSE:MDP) and Pacific Connections (acqd NASDAQ:CHINA:COM). As founding Board Director of t...
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    Benjamin Joffe – Founder of HAX, the World’s #1 Investor in Hardware Startups

    benjamin joffe hax
    We had a fascinating conversation with Benjamin Joffe for ATP Stories.  Benjamin is a Writer, Keynote Speaker, Angel Investor, Founder of a digital innovation consultancy (Plus Eight Star) and the world’s #1 Investor / Accelerator in early stage hardware startups via HAX.  His journey through two decades of development in Japan, South Korea, China, Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong was nothing short of amazing. We touched on his concepts of how technology ecosystems evolve differently in ...
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    Arthur Hayes – CEO of BitMex The Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange

    Arthur Hayes Bitmex
    Arthur Hayes is a graduate of the Wharton School of Business and the CEO of BitMEX…The Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange is where professional investors come to trade Bitcoin derivatives. Arthur and his partners Ben Delo (COO) and Sam Reed (CTO) founded BitMEX in 2014 and are at the forefront of the CryptoCurrency evolution taking place in the financial markets. We had an interesting discussion about his initial work as a derivatives market maker at traditional trading houses like Deutsch Bank a...
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    James Giancotti – CEO of Oddup, The Startup Rating System

    james giancotti oddup
    Joining us today in the ATP studio is James Giancotti, the CEO of Oddup. Oddup is a startup rating system that helps investors (and founders) measure startups in buy/hold/sell recommendations. It’s a system familiar to James, who previously worked at JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs advising Limited Partners on investments. In this interview we cover a lot of ground, from how startups can improve their investor ratings, how  James himself put his house on the market to build Oddup (later rasing...
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    Steven Okun – CEO of APAC Advisors

    steve okun amcham singapore
    Amazing conversation with Steve Okun ranging from the Trans Pacific Partnership and President Trump's impact on global multilateral trade agreements to Impact Investing and Venture Entrepreneurship.  He touched on the East Bali Cashew company and its founder Aaron Fishman and Aaron’s commitment to earn a profit and have a positive and scalable impact on East Bali by. Among other things, building an Early Learning Center for the residents of the community in which he operates and running the E...
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    Steve Feiner – CEO of A Better Florist

    steven feiner a better florist
    Steve Feiner is the Founder of A Better Florist - a flower delivery service based in Singapore. Delivering an outstanding experience is often what differentiates you from the next guy in this space. So how do you build a business from scratch around something as simple as the smile of your delivery driver? If anyone knows how to solve that problem, it’s going to be Steve. Ex-Googler with extensive consulting background, his whole career has been solving one problem after another. But, as w...
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    Ashley Galina – Understanding Chinese Consumers and Their Social Media Trends

    Ashley galina dudarenok
    Ashley Galina Dudarenok is a leading authority on the Chinese consumer and their social media market. Originally from Vladivostock, Russia, Ashley later lived in the UK, New Zealand, China and now, where she’s based, in Hong Kong. Ashley is fluent in Mandarin, English, Russian and German. Ashley is founder of Chozan, which describes itself as the most comprehensive guide to Chinese Social Media and Alarice, a social media agency aimed at the Chinese market. In this interview Ashley walks u...
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    Jan Smejkal – Your China Guy

    jan smejkal
    Although he grew up in a small village in the Czech Republic, Jan Smejkal describes himself now as Your China Guy. He is chief curator of China Biz Tech Weekly  and runs Startup Grind in China. His journey to Asia starts from importing Xiaomi handsets for sale in the Czech Republic to eventually moving to China and studying there. Based in Shenzhen, China, Jan is well positioned to help brands understand the Chinese market. 
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    Yoav Elgrichi – ImpacTech, The Social Innovation Accelerator

    yoav elgrichi
    One aspect of the Asian Tech Ecosystem we haven’t talked enough about lately here on ATP Stories is social tech - i.e. technology used in a way to address social issues.  To do that, we’re joined on Asia Tech Podcast today by Yoav Elgrichi. Yoav is a  Mentor at Singapore Management University and co- Founder of ImpacTech with Kineret Karin (a guest on our show). Impactech  describes itself as a Social Tech Startup Accelerator,   a program for startups that use technology in an innovative w...
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    Snehal Patel – Founder of MyDoc in Singapore

    dr snehal patel md singapore
    Dr Snehal Patel is the founder of MyDoc in Singapore. He's also a partner in Saena Partners, an early stage investment firm focusing on Healthcare & Medtech, and Arete Holdings. MyDoc aims to be the global access point for easy and effective healthcare. Healthtech advisory firm Galen Growth Asia says total venture investment into the Medtech sector stood at US$5 billion in 2016, with the number of deals growing to 622 from 574 in 2015. Started in 2012, MyDoc has become Asia’s top digital h...
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    Pieter Franken – CEO SafeCast Japan

    pieter franken safecast tokyo
    Pieter Franken joins us on ATP Stories today from Tokyo, Japan. Pieter is an Executive Director of the Monex Group (a FinTech company redefining finanical services), co-founder of Safecast (a non-profit that helps people measure environmental factors such as radiation) and a research affiliate at MIT Media Lab. Pieter has over 25 years in financial services and FinTech, holding executive position at Citigroup, Shinsei Bank, Aplus and Monex.
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    Bob Gallagher – CEO Appsynth

    bob gallagher appsynth
    Starting his own record label at 18 rather than going to University, Bob Gallagher has opted for the unconventional route to success. Getting an early start in the music industry led to a natural opportunity in the then burgeoning mobile music space where he learned about app development and content production. With a view to leave the music industry, Bob moved to Thailand in 2008 seeking out new challenges. Initially, he continued working remotely for his previous employer but then curiosity...
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    David Henderson – CEO Drvr

    david henderson drvr
    David Henderson is the CEO of DRVR, a telematics startup based in Thailand that helps fleet businesses reduce their management costs. By identifying patterns in their client data, DRVR can help auto fleet managers reduce waste. One of the challenges unique to South East Asia in fleet management is fuel theft. DRVR utilizes a clever combination of Big Data and Gamification to encourage new positive behaviors in drivers and tackle this problem. Originally from the Seychelles and brought up in A...
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    Miles Wilson – Senior Director of Global Leadership, Coca-Cola

    miles wilson coca cola singapore
    Miles Wilson is the senior director heading up Global Leadership at the Coca-Coca company based in Asia. Miles has worked in Asia for over 10 years, living in Hong Kong, Shanghai and now Singapore. As a senior exec in one of the world’s most recognizable brands, Miles gets the opportunity to a unique level of access to Asian markets and the opportunity to see them grow from the early days. In this interview Miles shares what his role encompasses at Coca-Cola and life as an exec in Asia.
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    Ned Phillips – CEO of Robo Advisory Bambu

    ned phillips bambu

    CEO Bambu, ex-MD of ETrade Asia, angel investor

    Ned Phillips, CEO of Bambu joins us today from Singapore. Bambu is a Robo Advisory that offers digital wealth services to a wide range of clients - from traditional retail banks to telcos. Ned has been in Asia for over 25 years, having first got his start in the Fintech space back before it was called Fintech, in 1999 when his publishing company was acquired by the then nascent E*Trade in Hong Kong. If you’r...
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    Karsten Aichholz – Thailand Starter Kit

    karsten aichholz thailand
    Karsten Aichholz is a 30 something German British pro-gamer turned tech entrepreneur. Initially, Karsten was set to follow the safe journey of management trainee with German airline Lufthansa, but he sought bigger challenges. In this interview we learn what it means to be a professional gamer and why Karsten decided to leave Europe to seek out his future in Thailand where he set out to build his Bangkok based video games company.
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